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Photos From My Summer Vacation 2012

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Summer went as fast as it came. It was filled with a few terrible things but a lot of great memories. Luckily I was able to go out of town a few times with my family and capture some nice photographs since my goal for this summer was to use my camera more after it had been collecting dust in the closet. I would’ve posted some of these images earlier but I didn’t get around to sending my film to develop just until two weeks ago.

As a fair warning, this post is going to be a bit pic-heavy so don’t forget to click the link below the photo to see the rest of this post!

Gratuitous picture of my demon dog. Don’t let her cuteness fool you. She’s a monster!

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T-Minus Two Weeks

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There are two more weeks left in this school year for me. Part of me doesn’t want to the semester to end because it will mean that I have about a year left to complete my bachelor’s degree. But the other part of me just wants a big break to see my old friends and family back home and hopefully I will be traveling around in June. My sister has a conference (or something of the sort) in Dallas in June for her job so my family and I will be there for about a week. Hopefully we’ll be able to go see some art museums and the zoo. And if we have time and the universe allows us to, we are also planning on going to the beach.

Today while conversing with my mother, I was able to convince her into giving me her record player if I could get it to work and could replace the needle. Though the only problem with that is that I have to examine the contraption in person to figure out with needle it needs and since I am an impatient child when it comes to something that I want, it will feel like an eternity before I can claim it as my own.

Also, today while conversing with a stranger over instagram, I learned that there is a place where they develop black and white film at a good price here in Austin. Since I don’t have the tools and a dark room to develop my own film, I haven’t been using my lovely SLR camera. But now with this news, I plan on taking tons of photos over the summer.

 I have about two months that I’m going to be off from school then I will be back in Austin in July to take an art history class for the second summer session. Here’s to hoping that I will get to do most, if not all, the things I want to do. But before I can even think of those things, I need to survive these next two weeks and get all my projects done by this upcoming weekend. Wish me luck.

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April 22, 2012 at 11:34 pm

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