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Two Weeks

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Throughout this Spring semester I’ve been trying to get myself to post onto this blog but surprisingly I’ve spent most of my time at school trying to make tons of prints and such. I stupidly decided that it would be awesome to take four studio classes at the same time (three printmaking and one painting class) and it was the worst idea ever. (Also, I decided to do that again for NEXT semester, hooray!) I have about two more weeks until classes end and I’m racking my brain with projects and trying to catch up on deadlines. Most of my things are due this week and it’s killing me. I’m honestly scared that I’m not going to pass any of my classes but none of my teachers have told me I’m failing or anything.

I actually had a really bad individual critique the other day in intaglio and it really tore me apart. Apparently I don’t have enough work and it didn’t seem like I put too much effort into it. After that critique I went to the 4th floor deck and had a mental breakdown. If only my teacher knew how many hours I spent in the studio outside of class and how much more time I put into intaglio than I do to any of my other classes. I know I’m a lot better in relief but my heart is (or now was) in intaglio.

I’ll be posting some of my work soon from the fall semester and this current semester. Soon I will be starting to put my senior portfolio together. Which by the way, I got a scholarship! All I need to do is send my acceptance letter and I’m hopefully getting $1,200 to use towards said portfolio. And you know what that means? NEW PRINTMAKING TOOLS! ūüėÄ

Hopefully this summer I will be able to get some serious sketches going on for the coming fall semester. I want to have some more serious work and I really love what I’m doing. Printmaking is absolutely wonderful and I hope I can continue with it after I graduate in December (if all goes well).

Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow.


Written by Monklin

April 28, 2013 at 10:46 pm

One Month Living in Austin

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It has been a month since I moved here to Austin and I must say that things have been going pretty smoothly. Last weekend I had an extra day off due to the Labor Day holiday so I decided to go visit my family in my hometown. My parents (even though they are¬†separated) came to pick me up and took me home for the weekend and my mother and sister brought me back this past Tuesday. The visit went well, but I realize how much better I am here in the big city even though I do miss my family more than you could imagine. Maybe I have some unresolved conflicts in my hometown, but after the¬†euphoria of see my family diminished, I felt down and depressed for reasons known and unknown. But now I’m back in Austin and I feel just fine. Really, I do!

School has been pretty fantastic. My classes are actually very interesting and so are my teachers and the teaching assistants. I’ve gotten to know a few people, so that’s a good start. Homework has been moderate but at least it hasn’t been boring. For one of my assignment, I had to read the play Twelve Angry Men written by¬†Reginald Rose. I must say it was pretty interesting, so I encourage you and highly recommend reading it.

At my university they have “landmarks” all around the campus, such as statues, paintings, etc. Well, there is a television in the ART building that plays an old but famous visual art video and every month they change it to another one. Last month’s video was called Vertical Roll by Joan Jonas and I must say that it makes me so ill. I really don’t like to talk about it very much because I have this feeling in my gut that makes me cringe every time I think about it. So here’s a link to the art piece that I found on YouTube, maybe you’ll understand why:

In the ART building there are these wooden stairs that you are allowed to sit on to watch the video. Above that area there is a speaker to listen to the video that is playing. When there’s a lot of activity going on in the building you can barely hear it, but when it’s quiet, it is quite loud. So after sitting there for an hour for your next class to start, the banging really gets to you. Anyways, they finally changed it this past week and it is so much nicer compared to Vertical Roll. This month’s video is I am a Victim of This Song by Pipilotti Rist.

The song is actually a cover of Chris Isaak’s song entitled Wicked Game and I’m assuming it is a parody of his music video. In my honest opinion, this is not one of her best works. Though one that I absolutely adore is her piece entitled, I Couldn’t Agree With You More.

I find her just absolutely stunning in this piece.

I always hear so many negative comments about her art pieces but despite my “hatred” for visual art, I’m actually attracted to her work ( and especially her later pieces that are just so visually pleasing). So with that note I shall end this post with one of her more appealing pieces.

Written by Monklin

September 11, 2011 at 12:45 am