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The Semester is Finally Over

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Wednesday was the last day of my classes for this semester. It went pretty well since all we had to do was turn in our portfolio in intaglio to be graded and collect our trade portfolio in which we made a print for everyone in the class including our teacher and the TA. Last week, we went to my relief teacher’s house to do our final critique and potluck. I ended up making a piñata out of some test prints that I printed on newsprint for one of my 5 variable multiples that we needed to do for our final. We ended up hanging it outside and a few people were able to smack the crap out of it. I think we all had a good time. I wish I could post some pictures of it but I was only able to take some film photos and not digital since my phone was freaking out on me. Luckily my teacher did take some photos so here they are:

Lookin’ like a goofball.

Our relief class along with our teacher Sandra Fernandez and our TA.


I will be heading back home for a week but when I come back to Austin I will take photos of my prints and post them on here later. Bye for now!


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May 11, 2013 at 12:49 am

The Big Move

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Finally I am here in Austin, TX!

Well.. I’ve been here for more than a week already. I just wasn’t able to write about it because we barely got our internet hooked up on Monday, even though we were suppose to have internet since the Monday before that. But of course, we ran into problems.

Apparently they unexpectedly came to our apartment around 10 AM the 18th but we were asleep. They told us that we were suppose to set up the modem ourselves so we weren’t expecting anyone. They left a note on our door saying that they came by but no one was home. For one thing, we don’t have doorbells in our apartment complex, so the only way to hear someone at the door you would need to basically bang the door or kick it to catch someone’s attention. Anyways, the note told us to call a number to reschedule an appointment. Since I had a hard time doing so, my sister called and they rescheduled our “appointment” to Wednesday, in which they NEVER showed up that day. So of course, my sister called back the next day and they rescheduled again for today and they even wrote down my number to make sure that someone was at home this time.  I woke up at eight in the morning, got ready, and waited for them to call. After almost falling back asleep, they called and said that they were on our way. The man sounded grumpy on the phone but was very nice when he was here. He rewired some things, did what he had to do, and finally gave us the gift of the internetz. After that, I spent about an hour trying to get the wireless up and running and now our wifi is called “the Enterprise”.

Now let’s talk about Austin!

I had moved into the apartment on the 5th and brought along my family to help me move and get settled in. We had to go up and down three flights of stairs several time in 100+ degree weather (and yes, I am talking about Fahrenheit). After a while, I began to feel sick from dehydration and from an empty stomach. So my sister and my niece went to go buy some bottled water (because no one was use to the tap water in Austin) and some stuff to make sandwiches. After we ate, we spent the rest of the day putting stuff away, hanging clothes, etc. while my sister and my momma left to go buy some stuff for the bathroon and kitchen. The next morning we went to IHOP, then the mall, followed by Target, and HEB for some groceries.  The next day (Sunday) we went to Kerbey Lane (the Southwest location), then to the Austin Zoo (which actually quite terrible), and then came back to my apartment. My family rested for a bit before their 4 hour drive back to my hometown. They packed their stuff, loaded the truck, and said their goodbyes to me. I felt sad that they were leaving but it didn’t hit me until their turned out of my apartment complex and that’s were I cried my heart out for about two hours. Later that day, my parents called me to say that they were home and told me that they both cried. I’m pretty sure almost any parent cries when they leave their kid for college, but I come from a very family-oriented lifestyle were most of the children in our family don’t ever leave out of town. So it was heartbreaking but we’re getting use to it.

So for the week and a half that I’ve been here, I’ve been driving around Austin trying to figure out the roads and making sure I don’t get lost by the time school starts (which is actually next week). I’ve even been looking at the stores around my area. I even went to the Goodwill on Brodie Lane and had to remove myself from the premasis because their was so much stuff that I wanted, so I bought only 5 books and left as soon as possible. I won’t be going there again until I go with my family when they have money for me to use.

Last week my roommate/housemate(?) (and or course, best friend) Jenni received a table from her momma, so we set it up and bought some place mats, coasters, and these cute kitty salt and pepper shakers that I absolutely adore!

 Now on to the crafts!

Since I haven’t done anything crafty in a while I finally decided to stop being lazy and did two projects on my to-do list. My first one being a canvas with buttons sewn onto it in a shape of a heart, and my second one being crayons being reshaped into hearts.

So here’s some photos of the first project that I did:

And some photos of the second project I did:

Last week my dad went to Guadalajara, Mexico (despite the drug war, which is not all over Mexico like the news reports) to go visit some family members. Today I received a package from him containing a bunch of goodies and a note telling me not to eat all the candy at once. He knows me so well!

He is the awesomest dad in the world and I am really spoiled by him, haha.

So, that’s kind of everything that has happened within these past two weeks. School starts next week and I am unbelievably nervous but also very excited! I like how everything has turned out so far and I’m pretty sure that the rest of this year will be amazing.

Creative Summer 2011, Day 9: Illustration Friday – Safari

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I’ve been following this website called Illustration Friday for a while now and I of course had signed up for their weekly illustration topics. Until now, I have never tried it, but today I am going to finally submit something.

If you have never heard of this website, this really suggest that you should check it out  [here] and get creative!

From their section about the project:

“Illustration Friday is a weekly illustration challenge. A topic is posted every Friday and then participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation.”

This weeks topic was Safari and of course here is my entry:

I had an extra sketchbook lying around so I decided to make us of it and myself by dedicating it to only Illustration Friday pieces.

I really don’t have much to say tonight since I’ve been cleaning out all my art supplies and making room for more.

Update on the Sunflowers:

Today I found a surprise! Wednesday there was 1 sunflowers, Thursday there were 4:

Friday there were 8:

..and today there were 12 in total!

I am really excited and content with the way things are going for my precious babies. I seriously hope I have at least 1 or 2 that fully bloom before I leave.

Design 4: Painting Famous Artworks on Trashcans

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Before I begin, here is a warning that this post will be very picture heavy (about 47 photos worth, sorry).

For the fall semester I decided to take an extra elective class called Design 4 after being personally invited to join the class by my drawing and design teacher, Mr. Brown. Usually Design 4 is a class for those who have completed their 4 basic core art classes at the community college and have some extensive knowledge in painting or design. Since design 4 is an elective class, it is not always available. Though this semester, our teacher convinced the dean and the president of our school to let us do our project for the campus. The design 4 class was to recreate famous artworks and design them onto some metal trashcans to put around the campus. Our goal was to help beautify the campus and encourage people to throw their trash into the cans instead of the floor.

Before this class was even thought up of, there were some problems with littering on our campus. They had set these white giant trashcans around the campus for people to use and it didn’t seem to work. Since our teacher is part of a committee that helps improve the campus, he decided to paint them yellow and green so they could stand out. For a while, it had worked. But it was not before long ’til people started throwing their trash on the ground again. Thus, our class was born!

A lot of planning went into our trashcans and took a course of several weeks to finally decided on the paintings we were going to do, which ones we were going to duplicate for the south campus, and who was going to do what. We started off the first month coming up with designs and the first two weeks compiling a list of famous artworks. We started with 34 pieces and narrowed it down to 12 with 6 of them being duplicates. In total we painted 18 trashcans and had two or three extra cans left.

The process for designing and painting the trashcans was fairly simple but very time consuming. We ran into several design problems because of the sizes of the actual artworks because they were either too big in length or too small and square. After we drew our designs at a 1/8th scale from the actual size of the cans, we projected them onto the wall at the actual size of the can, traced our design onto a type of butcher paper, made holes along the outlines with a pounce wheel, tape the pattern to the trashcan, and banged the trashcan with a cloth with loose charcoal wrapped in it to transfer the image onto it.

After all that, we were ready to paint our cans, which was pretty straight forward from that point on. All we had to was to tweak the colors a bit and exaggerate them so they could stand out and catch someone’s attention. But other than that, things went pretty smoothly. Though, it took us a few weeks to finish our first set of cans only because the people who were in charge of sending us the cans only sent us a certain number of cans so we couldn’t start on our second one until we received the ones from our college’s south campus.

Some of these pictures are out of order, but I’ll describe to you what’s happening.

Here we projected the images onto the wall and then traced it on butcher paper.

Then we punched holes into the paper with a pounce wheel.

And of course the next step gets pretty messy and turns you and your clothes black.

We bang charcoal onto the can with the pattern on.

Then this is the ending result once the pattern is removed.

We even made mini trashcans in a 1/8th scale of the actual size to put on display in the library of the college’s south campus.

Here’s Mr. Brown showing us how to do the rings on Emily’s can.

And here’s Emily putting the sticker on her can.

We even came in on a Friday to screen print shirts to wear for the unveiling and to give out to the dean and the president.

And here is our design created by Mr. Brown and Sam.

On the day of our final, we were each interviewed by our school’s television guy about our cans.

I’m afraid to watch this when it finally comes out on television, only because I do not do well in front of a camera and I will look like a mumbling fool.

Oh, well.

Here is the progression of my first can. Sadly, I was not able to get any of my second can only because we were running out of time and we had to get things done fast.

And of course, the final products:

The Great Wave at Kanawaga, by: Hokusai.

Drowning Girl, by: Roy Lichenstein.

So this past Wednesday, we had the unveiling for our trashcans. We all met up at 9 AM to go over the presentation and checked our places before the event started. We didn’t think that many people were going to show up, but luckily there were important people from our college coming out of a meeting so they stopped by to see what was going on. Soon enough we started seeing a few more people pop out and even some of the other art teachers. There were even several local news people at the unveiling so it made us feel even more recognized and made us feel more proud of ourselves.

(You can even see a video clip [here] on our main english news station.)

Here are the art teachers that attended and our department head Mr. Short.

This is a picture of me and the lovely Samantha Proa who is unbelievably AMAZING.

And here is me with my total awkwardness presenting my cans for the photo.

After the unveiling, we all decided to go get lunch together with our teacher and we all met up at a little homey Mayan/Mexican restaurant called Las Kekas. If you ever pass through Laredo, I suggest you stop by and get some cheap but amazing delicious food. (Plus they have the best tres leches cake I have ever tasted.) Since Arianna had a final during the unveiling, she met up with us at the restaurant, so we all got to see each other for the last time.

I am so unbelievably proud of everyone and even myself for the great job that we all did. We started off not knowing what exactly we were doing but we ended with such a bang. We spent countless hours bitching and moaning, but we got things done and even had fun doing so. Since this was my last semester at Laredo Community College, this was the last time I see them and I can honestly say I am going to miss them. Cheesy right?

Here’s to hoping that my future is bright and here’s to hoping that I will meet more amazing and talented artists like them.

But before I go, here are the names of the artworks and students who painted them:

Greek Vases (collage), by: Jasmin Cantu
Can-can Dancers (Toluouse Lautrec), by: Emily De Los Cobos
Calaberas Catrina (Posada), by: Emily De Los Cobos
Starry Night (Van Gogh), by: Juan Castillo
Guernica (Picasso), by: Juan Castillo
Still Life with Baskets (Cezanne), by: Maricela Duffeild
Blue Horses (Franz Marc), by: Felicitas Garcia
The Flower Seller (Diego River), by: Arianna Orduna
The Dance (Matisse), by: Arianna Orduna
Frida Khalo (Tribute), by: Samantha Proa
Poppy (Georgia O’Keeffe), by: Cristell Rodriguez
Drowning Girl (Lichenstein), by: Me
The Great Wave at Kanawaga (Hokusai), by: Me

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May 13, 2011 at 12:53 am

Creative Summer 2011, Day 4: Planting Sunflowers

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Sunflowers always remind me of my father. When I was little my father had planted sunflowers along the cement path to our front door. I remember that they were as tall as my dad, though there is a faint memory of my mother not wanting them because they were too tall. But then again, it’s been such a long time, so I could be thinking of something else.

I guess because of my dad, sunflowers are my favorite flowers. Though it’s weird to say that since I am actually not a huge fan of flowers. Maybe it’s the fact that flowers are considered feminine and my mind reacts against it because I don’t want to be feminine but equal to masculinity. I don’t know my mind is weird. Then again, sunflowers are considered a masculine flower because of the colors and that the fact that the sun was always seen to be as a male. Which may be the reason why I like suns and the color yellow. Anyways, I think I’m starting to stray away from the main point of this post.

I called up my father earlier in the day yesterday and asked him how should I plant them. He told me to put them straight into the ground but I was hesitant due to the fact that our yard is currently filled with weeds. After arguing with him for a moment, he then suggested to plant them in a container than transplant them when they start to sprout. So I grabbed this crate from my mother’s room, lined it with wax paper so the soil won’t spill out from the holes but will allow excess water to escape, then planted my sunflower seeds in it.

I also planted some “wild flower” seeds that my mom and I bought at Target one time in two cylinder containers. I have no idea what they are or if they will even go, but if they do, those are going to go in the front yard by our mailbox.

 Well, here’s to hoping that my lovely chihuahuas won’t dig up the seeds, or worse.. having those pesky birds eat them up.

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May 10, 2011 at 5:26 am

Creative Summer 2011, Day 3: Writing Postcards

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For Day 3 (May 8), I decided to write some more postcards for Postcrossing while I was at my aunt’s house waiting for my family to finish playing loteria so I could go home and laze around. Don’t know what Postcrossing is? Then I suggest you should read on!

I’m actually really bad at explain things so you can see their website for yourself [here] or just bear with me and try to understand.

Postcrossing is a website for people who love to send and receive mail. To be more specific, postcards! This project allows you to send a postcard to a random person in the world and receive another from a totally different person. The rule usually goes: if you send a postcard, you will receive at least one back. Now I know it may seem a little risky considering that you don’t know who’s on the internet these days, but I’ve sent out 26 postcards as of now and so far there has been no weirdos following me around.

How does it work Jared?

Well, it works like this:

You sign up and request an address. They will then give you the address of anyone in the world that’s next in line to receive a postcard. As soon as you send in the postcard and they receive it, they will register it with the ID you wrote on the card and that will add your name to the system to be next in line to receive a postcard. You have the option to receive ‘cards from anywhere in the world including your own country, or you could disable that option and only get ‘cards from other countries so you don’t have to worry about creepers stalking you.

It’s pretty simple, but just in case I’m still not being clear, here’s the [link] again to the website for you to check out on your own.

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May 10, 2011 at 2:33 am

Creative Summer 2011, Day 2: Duct Tape Roses

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers and future mothers from Jared Scribbles!

For day 2, I decided to make some duct tape roses yesterday night (Saturday, May 7) for Mother’s Day. I made one for my momma, one for my sister, and one for my best friend’s mother (because I always drag her son out and I want to let her know in some weird way that I appreciate her for letting her son hang out with me all the time, sorry if that sounded weird).

For my mother:

For my sister:

And a rose for my best friend’s mother:

I wanted to sell some of these for this mother’s day in order to earn some extra cash for when I move to Austin, but I was not able to get a hold of green and red duct tape until yesterday night. I went out to dinner with my father so by the time I went home, I only had time to do three roses and watch the latest episode of Doctor Who, then it was off to bed with me.

So, at this point I realized that I may not always post my projects within a normal 24 hours. Since it is now summer vacation for me, I turn into a nocturnal being. Meaning: My day starts at 2 pm and ends 6 am the next day. This probably means I have to start including dates, though I am thinking of making another page with the dates and the links to the projects just for my own purposes.

Anyways, that’s all for Day 2.

If you want to learn how to make some duct tape roses, I suggest clicking this [link] that will lead you to an easy to follow tutorial!

Once again, have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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May 8, 2011 at 9:51 pm