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Concert: Tallhart, Fake Problems, Kevin Devine, & Say Anything

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Today I just realized I never posted a blog about the last concerts few concerts that I went to with my friends Jenni and Martin at La Zona Rosa on March 30th to see Tallhart and Say Anything (and Warped Tour that I will post right after this). It’s been several months since we went yet it still feels like it just happened yesterday. I honestly thought I already wrote about it but there seems to be no traces of a draft of the post anywhere. I must of have dreamt of it.. trust me, it’s a common thing for me to do.

A few weeks before the concert, Tallhart had came to Austin with Eisley and performed at the Parish. I really wanted to go but I couldn’t find anyone that wanted to go with me (since I hate going downtown by myself at night) and the only person that was able to go with me had to go out of town that day. I was pretty bummed that I was going to miss Tallhart but then my friend Jenni told me that they were going to play with Say Anything at La Zona Rosa on March 30th. I knew I was going to have a lot of work to do that weekend but I decided to go ahead and go with her and Martin. Honestly, I’m glad I decided to go since I needed a break from racking my brain over finishing some artwork that was due the next few days at that time. We went in my car downtown but since I am the absolute worst parallel parker in the world, Jenni parked my car for me (but that’s beside the point).  We took a long time finding a parking since we refused to pay for parking when there was bound to be some free parking somewhere downtown. Luckily we were in an okay spot in the line before entering the venue. We were able to get into the center on the crowd to see the stage.

Tallhart went on first and I was unbelievably happy to see them, and honestly a little bit more than to see Say Anything. Before they started playing, the lead singer Matt came onto the stage first to tune his guitar. Behind us there were a group of guys that were saying a bunch of shit and asking “who the fuck” was this random guy talking to the crowd while tuning up. When he was done the rest of the band came out and Matt blew away their minds with his amazing (and absolutely stunning) voice. They played a few of songs from their first album they released as Marksmen and a few songs from their latest EP. They only played for about 30 minutes but I was still glad that I was able to see them at least once in my lifetime.

After Tallhart finished, Fake Problems was next. None of us had heard of them before so we were trying to guess what kind of band where they and whether or not we were able to “rock out” to them. When the lead singer came out Martin and I were placing our bets on a beach boy kind of sound and in a way they ended up having a certain similarity though I am not sure if they were influenced by them in any way.

I didn’t get a good photo but one of the members pulled out one of their hidden talents and started juggling during one of their songs. He also had an awesome “Bill Nye the Science Guy” kind of style going on.

After them, Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band played next. He seemed to have a non-tradition set up going on on the stage. Not sure as to why, but the drummer was placed on stage left rather than the usual center-stage position. One of the guitarist also had an interesting way of treating his guitar and the techniques he used (such as using a coffee can as a guitar pick). I actually liked their set and was surprised that I had never heard of him/them before that show.

Finally it was Say Anything’s turn. As soon as the band came out, the crowd decided to push forward and all of us got separated. I was pushed more to the center, Martin seemed to stay around the same place, and Jenni got to the very front. Throughout the concert I was pushed around the center area. Towards the end, I ended up in the second row in the middle. Even though I’m not a big of a fan of Say Anything compared to most people, I truly enjoy the energy and the dialog between the band and the crowd.

At the end of the show, I went over to the merch table and bought both of Tallhart’s CDs. I was able to meet Matt (the lead singer) and Reed (the drummer) and talk to them about how excited I was to see them perform. They even seemed surprised that I heard of them when they released their CD through NoiseTrade as Marksmen. I wanted to take a picture with them before I left but sadly my phone died. At least I was able to have them sign one of the CDs for me.

All in all, it was a great show and a great stress reliever for me at the time. The only downside of it all was when one of the crowd surfers came along the area I was standing in and hit me on the back of my neck. I didn’t feel it that night but the following night I ended up having a stiff neck and my body was so sore that whenever I pulled the squeegee in Serigraphy, I would start whining like a baby but it was totally worth it.

Here’s a few videos from the concert:

Next up, a post about Warped Tour!


Written by Monklin

August 14, 2012 at 10:57 pm

Concert: Dry the River and Bowerbirds

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A few weeks ago, I found out that Bowerbirds were coming to Austin to perform at the Parish on 6th street. I had honestly forgotten that they had recently released their new album “the Clearing” and were touring again. For two weeks straight I listened to their new album nonstop to learn their new songs so I could enjoy them more when I saw them in concert. I also began listening to Dry the River since they were touring along with them and honestly, how have I not heard of them before? As soon as I heard one song by them, I instantly fell in love. I didn’t know any of my friends who was into Bowerbirds or Dry the River so I invited my friend Vanessa to come along with me, hoping that she would like them. On Wednesday night, I picked Vanessa up from her place and headed to the Parish after their doors opened around 8PM. I was surprised to see that there weren’t many people at first. Vanessa and I were able to stand at the front and center and had a terrific view.

Dry the River opened up for Bowerbirds and gave such a stunning performance. They are honestly one of those bands that sound great recorded and sound even better live. These guys really know how to harmonize beautiful and connect with the crowd. I wish I could’ve seen them when they came to SXSW but I didn’t really know who they were at the time. At least I was able to see them perform and I honestly hope that they will come back to Austin in the near future.

I wish I could’ve taken more videos besides this short one that good cut off. My phone was acting wonky at the time. After their set ended I had to delete a bunch of pictures and restart my phone a bunch of times before it was finally able to record again. Luckily I did get some photos of them.

I wish I could’ve gotten a better photo of Peter with his eyes open because they are just big and absolutely stunning. Even the way he would look out into the crowd gave me chills.

Bowerbirds opened up their set with their very first song from their very first full-length record entitled Hooves, which I found to be the most perfect song to start off with, and they also played a good mix of songs from each of their albums. They even “ended” their set with their very last song of their latest album. Though they played two more songs after that so that probably doesn’t count. Even so, I really liked how they did the transition between “Death Wish” into “Now We Hurry On” beautifully like they did on their record instead of cutting it off into two separate songs.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Bowerbirds concert if they didn’t play their song “In Our Talons”.

Normally the concerts I usually attend are energetic in the sense that the crowd is shoving and pushing each other around from overexcitement, but there was a totally different energy that was being passed around. The crowd was calm but the music was just enchanting. For once I wasn’t pressed up against someone and being grinded by someone behind me, which was a nice change.

One thing that I absolutely loved about their performance was how each member of the band played a different instrument every other song and even in the middle of the songs. Normally you see each member stick to their own instrument but I think this showed how versatile they all are. Though I must think they had to rehearse their timing before their tour to make sure that they weren’t getting into each other’s way and that they were on tempo with each other. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic concert! I wish I could’ve of met them but Vanessa and I didn’t see them appear again at the end of their performance.

Before we left, Vanessa and I bought Dry the River’s EP that they were selling there and I also got Bowerbird’s latest album. I’m pretty sure Vanessa enjoyed the concert even though she didn’t know the bands. I’m glad she accompanied me.

Before I forget, I was able to get one of their set lists from the stage before we left. There was a girl staring at it but she let me grab it since she already had one. So thanks again girl at the front stage!

Good night, universe!

Written by Monklin

April 14, 2012 at 12:50 am