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Concert: Dry the River and Bowerbirds

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A few weeks ago, I found out that Bowerbirds were coming to Austin to perform at the Parish on 6th street. I had honestly forgotten that they had recently released their new album “the Clearing” and were touring again. For two weeks straight I listened to their new album nonstop to learn their new songs so I could enjoy them more when I saw them in concert. I also began listening to Dry the River since they were touring along with them and honestly, how have I not heard of them before? As soon as I heard one song by them, I instantly fell in love. I didn’t know any of my friends who was into Bowerbirds or Dry the River so I invited my friend Vanessa to come along with me, hoping that she would like them. On Wednesday night, I picked Vanessa up from her place and headed to the Parish after their doors opened around 8PM. I was surprised to see that there weren’t many people at first. Vanessa and I were able to stand at the front and center and had a terrific view.

Dry the River opened up for Bowerbirds and gave such a stunning performance. They are honestly one of those bands that sound great recorded and sound even better live. These guys really know how to harmonize beautiful and connect with the crowd. I wish I could’ve seen them when they came to SXSW but I didn’t really know who they were at the time. At least I was able to see them perform and I honestly hope that they will come back to Austin in the near future.

I wish I could’ve taken more videos besides this short one that good cut off. My phone was acting wonky at the time. After their set ended I had to delete a bunch of pictures and restart my phone a bunch of times before it was finally able to record again. Luckily I did get some photos of them.

I wish I could’ve gotten a better photo of Peter with his eyes open because they are just big and absolutely stunning. Even the way he would look out into the crowd gave me chills.

Bowerbirds opened up their set with their very first song from their very first full-length record entitled Hooves, which I found to be the most perfect song to start off with, and they also played a good mix of songs from each of their albums. They even “ended” their set with their very last song of their latest album. Though they played two more songs after that so that probably doesn’t count. Even so, I really liked how they did the transition between “Death Wish” into “Now We Hurry On” beautifully like they did on their record instead of cutting it off into two separate songs.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Bowerbirds concert if they didn’t play their song “In Our Talons”.

Normally the concerts I usually attend are energetic in the sense that the crowd is shoving and pushing each other around from overexcitement, but there was a totally different energy that was being passed around. The crowd was calm but the music was just enchanting. For once I wasn’t pressed up against someone and being grinded by someone behind me, which was a nice change.

One thing that I absolutely loved about their performance was how each member of the band played a different instrument every other song and even in the middle of the songs. Normally you see each member stick to their own instrument but I think this showed how versatile they all are. Though I must think they had to rehearse their timing before their tour to make sure that they weren’t getting into each other’s way and that they were on tempo with each other. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic concert! I wish I could’ve of met them but Vanessa and I didn’t see them appear again at the end of their performance.

Before we left, Vanessa and I bought Dry the River’s EP that they were selling there and I also got Bowerbird’s latest album. I’m pretty sure Vanessa enjoyed the concert even though she didn’t know the bands. I’m glad she accompanied me.

Before I forget, I was able to get one of their set lists from the stage before we left. There was a girl staring at it but she let me grab it since she already had one. So thanks again girl at the front stage!

Good night, universe!


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April 14, 2012 at 12:50 am

SXSW 2012: Motion City Soundtrack, Tycho, Say Anything, & the Phantom Family Halo

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This year I was finally able to attend some concerts during SXSW since I am now 21 and can legally enter bars to attend shows. The first weekend of spring break, I went to go visit my family for a few days then my dad drove me back to Austin and stayed for the rest of the week to catch some amazing shows by some of my favorite bands.

Before I get started, I must warn you that this post is going to be video and picture heavy, so be warned!

The first show I was able to attend was Motion City Soundtrack’s set at Rusty’s that Wednesday of spring break. I decided to drag my dad along since I didn’t want to leave him alone at my apartment. We left early that day to look for parking and to look for the bar that they were going to be playing at. We ended up getting to Rusty’s an hour early so we stood around watching some other bands perform while we waited for it to be time to see MCS play. Rusty’s had two indoor stages, so we didn’t know which one they were going to play at. While walking around, we bumped into Justin, the lead singer of MCS, and he complimented me on my MCS shirt. I asked him which stage they were going to play at and he pointed us to the right direction. Thanks to be there early, I was able to be right in front and center. There was probably two feet between me and the lead singer so I got some great video of them performing. My dad didn’t want to get in front with me but he stayed on the side along the wall but was pretty close too.

Justin even pointed at me while I was recording “My Favorite Accident” and it was one of the best things ever.

I will honestly cherish that moment forever.

After the set ended, Justin gave out his guitar picks and he gave me one. I was also able to snag Tony Thaxton’s, the drummer, setlist. My dad noticed how overexcited I was and I think he was happy that I brought him along with me.

After the show, we went to go eat at Kerbey Lane since we hadn’t eaten all day because I always refuse to eat right before any sort of event in my life. My dad made fun of me for basically inhaling my food within 5 minutes. I didn’t care, I just wanted to eat as soon as possible because we were going to see Tycho later on that night.

I want to say that we say Tycho around 9 o’clock at Club DeVille, but I may be wrong on the time. Again, we got there early so I squeezed my way to the front. I was able to get about three people away from the front of the stage which was actually not so bad considering the amount of people that were already there. I was actually really excited to see them perform since it was going to be the first time I was going to see them live. Their projector was on for the first song, but it seemed to have given out. Not sure if this was done purposely or if they were having some technical difficulties. Either way, it was a good show and had a pretty chill vibe. My dad was amazed by how the audience for Tycho was different than the audience for MCS.

After this set was done, my dad and I headed back to the car, we picked up my friends Martin, Jenni, and Sharron and went towards Clive Bar for another MCS show at 1 AM. Since Sharron was underage, my dad took her back to the apartment after he dropped us off a couple of blocks away from the bar. When we got there, Martin went to go buy something to drink while Jenni and I tried to get as close to the stage as possible. We were probably halfway into the crowd when the show started but we ended up getting pushed all the way the “second” row thanks to the crowd surfers and the mini “mosh pits”.

Their set got shut down and they weren’t able to play their last three songs, which I was a bit upset about since they were going to play a song I’ve never personally heard live. But in the end it was a pretty good show. I was close to catching Tony Thaxton’s drumstick but a drunk guy next to me slap it back towards the stage and the girl in from of me reached for it and was able to get it.

When I got home that night, I was still too hyped up to go to bed. I stayed up until 5 in the morning looking through Instagram under the #sxsw tag and looking under geotags of the bars I was at. I ended up coming across a picture of the Tycho crowd taken by some girl and I came out in it. I commented on the photo that I was in that picture. Later on she commented on one of my pictures from MCS and said that she was at that show too. I guess we both just had really great taste in music.

The next day, Thursday, I went to go see MCS for the third time. Sadly the show was only badges and wristbands but the windows to the club Latitude 30 were open and we were able to see them perform without a problem. Justin voice seemed to be a bit strained but they still gave a good last minute performance.

After that, Jenni and Martin meet up with me downtown and my dad switched out his car for Jenni’s so we didn’t have to lose the parking spot. My dad left and Jenni, Martin, and I went to Shakespeare’s for a while then headed to Buffalo Billiard’s to go see Say Anything.

When we got in, some man yelled out to let only a few more people in and to close the line. As we were going upstairs to the second floor, someone that was working there told us that we were lucky to get in. (We didn’t think of it much but according to Jenni, she found out that they only let a certain number of people with and without badges in.) Martin went to the bar area while Jenni and I squirmed our way to the front. We actually ended up right in front and in the center! We ended  up striking a conversation with a girl that was next to us about being lucky to be in the front then all of a sudden she realized I was the girl from Instagram. We had gone to another of the same concerts and actually ended up right next to each other this time!

The Say Anything show was actually one of my favorites shows that I attended this SXSW. Max Bemis really knows how to give a great performance. The energy was just so positive and energetic. Not to mention that almost every person was completely swooning over him. He even touched my face on several occasions. I even ended up getting a guitar pick for myself and caught the drummer’s drum stick in which I battled against the person behind me for a good while until they decided to let it go. I gave it to Jenni since she loves Say Anything more than I do and I swear she turned into a 5 year old who was given a pound of candy. I guess we must of been real lucky that day since everything just seemed to fall into place.

Finally Friday came and I went to see the Phantom Family Halo with my dad and got to meet William Benton who I’ve somehow struck up an acquaintance online a few years ago. (Though I’m not exactly sure how that happened anymore.) They had played earlier on during the day but I wasn’t able to make it so I caught their show at Rusty’s later on that night. After the show, I went up Mr. Benton and chatted with him for a bit, we said our goodbyes, and that was the end of SXSW for me.

Honestly, I had a great time at SXSW. I’m so glad I now live in one of the greatest cities in the world. I even met some new people along the way. Hopefully I can get a badge next year so I don’t have play it by chance.

So, now it’s time to spam you with a bunch of concert pictures! Don’t forget to click the link below. 🙂

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April 2, 2012 at 12:10 am


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As of late, I’ve been trying to get myself out of the apartment and enjoy all the art and music events that are going on around Austin. Last week I went to the VAC’s opening, a few days ago I went to a lecture series by some art critiques, and today I went to the Blanton Museum’s SoundSpace event which was in celebration of John Cage’s 100th Birthday (even though I think his birthday is in September) in which they performed John Cage’s MUSICIRCUS. According to the program they gave us MUSICIRCUS was first performed in 1967 and it is “a cacophony of concurrent performances, determined by chance distribution.”

If you don’t know what chance music is, then I suggest that you read up on it as soon as possible. Honestly, it’s pretty self-explanatory, but just in case you don’t have time to read or have no idea what I am talking about, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Aleatoric music (also aleatory music or chance music; from the Latin word alea, meaning “dice“) is music in which some element of the composition is left to chance, and/or some primary element of a composed work’s realization is left to the determination of its performer(s). The term is most often associated with procedures in which the chance element involves a relatively limited number of possibilities.” 

John Cage was a music theorist, writer, philosopher, artist, and one of the most influential American composers of the 20th century. He was known for his experimental music and for his creation of the prepared piano (and of course several other things). One of his most famous and most controversial pieces was entitled 4’33” (pronounced “four minutes, thirty-three seconds”). Since there is no video of him performing this piece, here is someone else playing it.

A good piece that you can see John Cage perform in is in his performance of Water Walk which was aired on television back in the day.

John Cage was such a strange individual and many people don’t understand why he was and still is such an influential composer. I think it just takes a very open mind in order to enjoy his pieces. In all honesty, I enjoy listening to his stuff on occasion and absolutely enjoy reading about him and his work. I’m pretty sure John Cage would be my perfect match.

I wanted to record some video of today’s performances but my camera on my phone was acting funny so I was only able to take some pictures. But here’s a video of someone else, just to show which piece opened and closed today’s performance. It’s entitled Suite for Toy Piano, by John Cage.

Anyways, here are some photos from the event:

At this point of the performance they started talking about moustaches and this guy (above) put on a fake moustache. After that, they all began chanting “moustache.”

Also, here’s one of my favorite art pieces at the Blanton.

Honestly, it was such an entertaining event, I wish they would do this again.

Austin, you’re weird, but I like you that way.

Architects of Art: Mirazozo Luminarium

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Earlier today my friend Vanessa and I went to the Long Center for Performing Arts to go see this thing called the Mirazozo Luminarium.

“What is the Mirazozo Luminarium?” you might ask. Good question!

The Mirazozo Luminarium is one of four air-filled structures made from this thin colored PVC (or plastic) and its design is based off of Islamic art and architecture. It is compared to an aquarium but instead of being filled with water, it’s filled with beautiful light. The structure is completely hand-glued and took four months to make each structure (correct me if I’m wrong).

Before entering the structure, you have to remove your shoes and leave your belongings at the entrance. After doing so, they would let a number of people in at the same time so the air does not escape the structure. Once you’re inside, you are allowed to roam around the maze-like structure, spin around, or even sit on the floor and just look around at all the amazing colors. And honestly, it was just a beautiful experience.

I honestly don’t know how to put my experience into words. It was just breathtaking and just absolutely serene. It felt like I was totally in a different world. (Or maybe even a space ship. Or even the inside of somebody’s mind. Or even Tron!) The colors were magnificent and the place was just filled with such positive feelings. If you ever have a chance to visit one of these luminariums, you absolutely must go. Currently there are four luminariums touring around the world so if you ever spot one, do not pass this wonderful opportunity. It’s for all ages and is even wheelchair accessible so absolutely no one is left out from this amazing experience.

If you want to know more about this project, you should visit their website at: http://www.architects-of-air.com/.

Girl Walk // All Day

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If you haven’t already seen this, I am encouraging you to watch this ASAP.

Official Trailer: Girl Walk // All Day from Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo.

This has to be one of the most uplifting movies/series to come out on the internet in the longest time. Well, at least in my personal opinion.

Girl Walk // All Day is a 75 minutes movie set in New York City and it follows the three main characters, the Girl, the Gentleman, and the Creep. Don’t think this is just some ordinary dancing. There are quite a few surprises in here that will make you smile more than you already are, giggle out loud, and make you dance in your seat. I must commend them on their top hits mash-ups of hip-hop/rap/pop pop lyrics and pop/rock beats. You will hear familiar songs such as songs by U2, Lady Gaga, the Police, Missy Elliot, Cyndi Lauper, Basement Jaxx, Arcade Fire, and many other recognizable artists. And don’t think that there is no plot in this story because there totally is.

This seriously makes me want to dance more than anything right now.

Make sure to watch the whole series at http://girlwalkallday.com/watch-the-film.

I promise you, you definitely won’t regret it!

Hope this brightens up your day!

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January 14, 2012 at 2:57 am

Lucky Friday the Thirteenth

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I’ve never understood why Friday the 13th is considered to be the unluckiest day of the year. In all honesty, I’m pretty sure I’ve had great luck on this particular day of the year, but mostly today. I went out on my weekend thrifting spree as always, but today I felt like I had unbelievable luck today. I checked out a total of four thrift stores today (Goodwill on Brodie, Goodwill at Oak Hills, Thrift Town, and Thrift Land) and left with these awesome plates, a metal basket to hold our fruit, a magazine rack, a porcelain owl, and a set of plastic chairs with a table for my niece and nephew. Sadly, though I didn’t find anything Thrift Land. I’m not going to lie but the people there seemed kind of on the pessimistic side and the store just had this negative atmosphere so I cut my visit short there and left really quick. Oh, well.. here’s what I found today:

The impressionism paintings on the plate are: Dance in the City by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, le Foyer de la danse (the Dance Foyer at the Opera) by Edgar Degas, Les Coquelicots (Poppies Blooming) by Claude Monet, and the Night Cafe Terrace by Vincent van Gogh. 8 plates for $13.77 and my favorite find of today! I tried looking up how much they costs but couldn’t really find anything. Though I found an old post that someone sold a set of four dishes like these for $20, so I think I got a pretty good deal!

I’ve been wanting a basket to hold the fruit on the counter for several months now. It looked brand new so I decided to get it. It cost me $4.32 at Thrift Town which is not too bad. I stumbled across the owl above at Goodwill along with the magazine rack and the table & chairs below. My total for that came out to $11.85, not too bad either! I’m thinking of painting the owl but I’m not sure if I just want to do it white, black, or a different color. Also, I accidentally chipped the “ear” part of it a bit when I got back to the apartment.

I use to have this table and chairs when I was a kid and it’s still in our family today. My  niece and nephew use it to eat in the kitchen. When we moved into our new house before my niece and nephew lived with us in my hometown, we brought the table and one chair with us. We left the other one back at the old either because we used it to sit down when we were still cleaning up the whole house while we were moving or because it was somewhere lost at the time. One time we were in San Antonio thrifting, we came across one of the yellow chairs and decided to get it since we were missing the other. So finally when my momma recently sold the old house a couple of months ago, we brought the other yellow chair and ended up with 3 little yellow chairs. So today when I came across the table and chairs, I called my momma and asked her if I should buy it or just leave it. I thought she was going to say to only buy one yellow chair but she told me to get the whole thing since we always have her side of the family over and everyone has a million kids.

Normally a brand new Little Tikes set costs $54.99 (before tax) and I paid $7.97 (before tax).

Have you ever sat in one of these Little Tikes chairs? They are seriously the sturdiest chairs ever made. I believe they should totally make adult furniture out of the same material. I bet those would last forever like my old set!

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January 14, 2012 at 1:43 am

Back in Austin Once Again

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It’s great to be back in Austin again! It feels like I haven’t been here in ages and yet it feels like I never even left. My holiday break was actually very entertaining though I regret not being able to do all the things I wanted to do back in my hometown. I was always busy doing things with my family and cleaning the house. I also regret leaving on such a bad note with one of my best friends but things are better now and I honestly hope they will continue to be. At least I’m glad that I got to see several of my good friends that I haven’t seen in months. I’m glad that they are all doing great and moving on to better things in their lives.

Anyways, now I’m back and I’ve been lazier than ever, but at least I’m getting sleep now. School starts next Tuesday and I am unbelievably excited! Three art classes and I have Fridays off. Pretty cool, huh?

Before I left Austin, I had bought a couch but we had to wait a month before we got it. The salesperson told us that they would call us right after Christmas when my couch has arrived from the warehouse at the beginning in January. So far there hasn’t been any call and I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m not going to get my couch any time soon. Anyways, here’s a picture of the lovely couch that I ordered.

It’s such a brilliant shade of red! Those who know me really well, know that I love bold colors and how much I absolutely love the color red. I only got the couch since I thought the ottoman wasn’t too aesthetically pleasing in person.

Last Saturday, my momma and I went looking for glasses here in Austin since we could not find ones we liked back in my hometown. I liked the first pair that I tried on but continued looking around to only end up with the first pair again.

My mother ended up choosing ones from the same designer. Luckily for her they already had her lenses available at the store so she was able to pick them up the next day while I have to wait 7-14 days. Oh, well.. I’ll be patient.

While thrifting the other day with my parents at Goodwill, my mother was looking at the furniture section and called me over to see a coffee table that was for sale. It was a modern coffee table that had an artistic feel to it. It seemed pretty awesome but I didn’t think much of it. Though I did end up leaving with two bunny statues (that I’m going to spray paint white soon), a magazine rack (that I was going to paint black but decided not to in the end), and the book Canterbury Tales (because I’m a sucker for classics).

The next day while picking up my mother’s glasses, I kept think about the coffee table nonstop and how I haven’t seen any other coffee tables I liked at any of the furniture stores we’ve been too. I decided to go back to Goodwill to see if that coffee table was still for sell and luckily no one had touched it!

I found the same table online priced from $200(used) to $700(new) and I ended up paying only $43.29 for it. Even though it is chipped in two places and has a barely noticeable scratch, I still think it was such a good buy!

Now to wait for that pesky couch to be delivered so my roommate and I can finally have a living room to sit in.

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January 11, 2012 at 3:36 am