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Concert: Dry the River and Bowerbirds

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A few weeks ago, I found out that Bowerbirds were coming to Austin to perform at the Parish on 6th street. I had honestly forgotten that they had recently released their new album “the Clearing” and were touring again. For two weeks straight I listened to their new album nonstop to learn their new songs so I could enjoy them more when I saw them in concert. I also began listening to Dry the River since they were touring along with them and honestly, how have I not heard of them before? As soon as I heard one song by them, I instantly fell in love. I didn’t know any of my friends who was into Bowerbirds or Dry the River so I invited my friend Vanessa to come along with me, hoping that she would like them. On Wednesday night, I picked Vanessa up from her place and headed to the Parish after their doors opened around 8PM. I was surprised to see that there weren’t many people at first. Vanessa and I were able to stand at the front and center and had a terrific view.

Dry the River opened up for Bowerbirds and gave such a stunning performance. They are honestly one of those bands that sound great recorded and sound even better live. These guys really know how to harmonize beautiful and connect with the crowd. I wish I could’ve seen them when they came to SXSW but I didn’t really know who they were at the time. At least I was able to see them perform and I honestly hope that they will come back to Austin in the near future.

I wish I could’ve taken more videos besides this short one that good cut off. My phone was acting wonky at the time. After their set ended I had to delete a bunch of pictures and restart my phone a bunch of times before it was finally able to record again. Luckily I did get some photos of them.

I wish I could’ve gotten a better photo of Peter with his eyes open because they are just big and absolutely stunning. Even the way he would look out into the crowd gave me chills.

Bowerbirds opened up their set with their very first song from their very first full-length record entitled Hooves, which I found to be the most perfect song to start off with, and they also played a good mix of songs from each of their albums. They even “ended” their set with their very last song of their latest album. Though they played two more songs after that so that probably doesn’t count. Even so, I really liked how they did the transition between “Death Wish” into “Now We Hurry On” beautifully like they did on their record instead of cutting it off into two separate songs.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Bowerbirds concert if they didn’t play their song “In Our Talons”.

Normally the concerts I usually attend are energetic in the sense that the crowd is shoving and pushing each other around from overexcitement, but there was a totally different energy that was being passed around. The crowd was calm but the music was just enchanting. For once I wasn’t pressed up against someone and being grinded by someone behind me, which was a nice change.

One thing that I absolutely loved about their performance was how each member of the band played a different instrument every other song and even in the middle of the songs. Normally you see each member stick to their own instrument but I think this showed how versatile they all are. Though I must think they had to rehearse their timing before their tour to make sure that they weren’t getting into each other’s way and that they were on tempo with each other. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic concert! I wish I could’ve of met them but Vanessa and I didn’t see them appear again at the end of their performance.

Before we left, Vanessa and I bought Dry the River’s EP that they were selling there and I also got Bowerbird’s latest album. I’m pretty sure Vanessa enjoyed the concert even though she didn’t know the bands. I’m glad she accompanied me.

Before I forget, I was able to get one of their set lists from the stage before we left. There was a girl staring at it but she let me grab it since she already had one. So thanks again girl at the front stage!

Good night, universe!


Written by Monklin

April 14, 2012 at 12:50 am

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