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Architects of Art: Mirazozo Luminarium

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Earlier today my friend Vanessa and I went to the Long Center for Performing Arts to go see this thing called the Mirazozo Luminarium.

“What is the Mirazozo Luminarium?” you might ask. Good question!

The Mirazozo Luminarium is one of four air-filled structures made from this thin colored PVC (or plastic) and its design is based off of Islamic art and architecture. It is compared to an aquarium but instead of being filled with water, it’s filled with beautiful light. The structure is completely hand-glued and took four months to make each structure (correct me if I’m wrong).

Before entering the structure, you have to remove your shoes and leave your belongings at the entrance. After doing so, they would let a number of people in at the same time so the air does not escape the structure. Once you’re inside, you are allowed to roam around the maze-like structure, spin around, or even sit on the floor and just look around at all the amazing colors. And honestly, it was just a beautiful experience.

I honestly don’t know how to put my experience into words. It was just breathtaking and just absolutely serene. It felt like I was totally in a different world. (Or maybe even a space ship. Or even the inside of somebody’s mind. Or even Tron!) The colors were magnificent and the place was just filled with such positive feelings. If you ever have a chance to visit one of these luminariums, you absolutely must go. Currently there are four luminariums touring around the world so if you ever spot one, do not pass this wonderful opportunity. It’s for all ages and is even wheelchair accessible so absolutely no one is left out from this amazing experience.

If you want to know more about this project, you should visit their website at: http://www.architects-of-air.com/.


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