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Goodbye 2011!

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2011 was a very difficult year for me due to some unfortunate events but honestly, it was also a very productive year for me! In January, I got my design book into the student art show at my local community college. I also joined a class where we designed and repainted famous artworks onto trashcans for our campus (which I am very proud of and that you can see here). The art fraternity I was in also went on a trip to San Antonio to go to the McNay Museum of Art and the San Antonio Museum of Art, which turned out to be a very fun trip. Even took a trip to Austin with my mother to see the Sketchbook Project exhibition that I was part of (which you can see here too). I also got accepted into the University of Texas, moved four hours away from my hometown, and successfully passed my first semester there. I even got some artwork displayed and received some positive critiques. All in all, it was a very busy year. It had it’s ups and downs, but you know what? I survived! 2012 actually seems like a good year for me. A good year to expand, learn new things, and see things in a different light. I’m honestly hoping that things will continue to go well for me and for my friends and family (so cheesy, but true). I guess this post was mainly for me to put my thoughts out and release the old stuff to make room for the new! 2011, nice knowing you.

Why hello there, 2012!

Oh, yeah! Did I mention that I got an iMac as a Christmas&Birthday gift? I will probably be posting some digital artwork now that I have photoshop and a large space to use.

Hope you all had an amazing year and are also looking forward to 2012 like I am.



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January 1, 2012 at 5:02 pm

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