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The Big Move

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Finally I am here in Austin, TX!

Well.. I’ve been here for more than a week already. I just wasn’t able to write about it because we barely got our internet hooked up on Monday, even though we were suppose to have internet since the Monday before that. But of course, we ran into problems.

Apparently they unexpectedly came to our apartment around 10 AM the 18th but we were asleep. They told us that we were suppose to set up the modem ourselves so we weren’t expecting anyone. They left a note on our door saying that they came by but no one was home. For one thing, we don’t have doorbells in our apartment complex, so the only way to hear someone at the door you would need to basically bang the door or kick it to catch someone’s attention. Anyways, the note told us to call a number to reschedule an appointment. Since I had a hard time doing so, my sister called and they rescheduled our “appointment” to Wednesday, in which they NEVER showed up that day. So of course, my sister called back the next day and they rescheduled again for today and they even wrote down my number to make sure that someone was at home this time.  I woke up at eight in the morning, got ready, and waited for them to call. After almost falling back asleep, they called and said that they were on our way. The man sounded grumpy on the phone but was very nice when he was here. He rewired some things, did what he had to do, and finally gave us the gift of the internetz. After that, I spent about an hour trying to get the wireless up and running and now our wifi is called “the Enterprise”.

Now let’s talk about Austin!

I had moved into the apartment on the 5th and brought along my family to help me move and get settled in. We had to go up and down three flights of stairs several time in 100+ degree weather (and yes, I am talking about Fahrenheit). After a while, I began to feel sick from dehydration and from an empty stomach. So my sister and my niece went to go buy some bottled water (because no one was use to the tap water in Austin) and some stuff to make sandwiches. After we ate, we spent the rest of the day putting stuff away, hanging clothes, etc. while my sister and my momma left to go buy some stuff for the bathroon and kitchen. The next morning we went to IHOP, then the mall, followed by Target, and HEB for some groceries.  The next day (Sunday) we went to Kerbey Lane (the Southwest location), then to the Austin Zoo (which actually quite terrible), and then came back to my apartment. My family rested for a bit before their 4 hour drive back to my hometown. They packed their stuff, loaded the truck, and said their goodbyes to me. I felt sad that they were leaving but it didn’t hit me until their turned out of my apartment complex and that’s were I cried my heart out for about two hours. Later that day, my parents called me to say that they were home and told me that they both cried. I’m pretty sure almost any parent cries when they leave their kid for college, but I come from a very family-oriented lifestyle were most of the children in our family don’t ever leave out of town. So it was heartbreaking but we’re getting use to it.

So for the week and a half that I’ve been here, I’ve been driving around Austin trying to figure out the roads and making sure I don’t get lost by the time school starts (which is actually next week). I’ve even been looking at the stores around my area. I even went to the Goodwill on Brodie Lane and had to remove myself from the premasis because their was so much stuff that I wanted, so I bought only 5 books and left as soon as possible. I won’t be going there again until I go with my family when they have money for me to use.

Last week my roommate/housemate(?) (and or course, best friend) Jenni received a table from her momma, so we set it up and bought some place mats, coasters, and these cute kitty salt and pepper shakers that I absolutely adore!

 Now on to the crafts!

Since I haven’t done anything crafty in a while I finally decided to stop being lazy and did two projects on my to-do list. My first one being a canvas with buttons sewn onto it in a shape of a heart, and my second one being crayons being reshaped into hearts.

So here’s some photos of the first project that I did:

And some photos of the second project I did:

Last week my dad went to Guadalajara, Mexico (despite the drug war, which is not all over Mexico like the news reports) to go visit some family members. Today I received a package from him containing a bunch of goodies and a note telling me not to eat all the candy at once. He knows me so well!

He is the awesomest dad in the world and I am really spoiled by him, haha.

So, that’s kind of everything that has happened within these past two weeks. School starts next week and I am unbelievably nervous but also very excited! I like how everything has turned out so far and I’m pretty sure that the rest of this year will be amazing.


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  1. Good luck with the start of school!! 🙂 And I love your button heart — reminds me a little of this pot holder piece I saw on the Urchin Movement blog on Monday: http://urchinmovement.com/2011/08/15/art-for-your-heart/


    August 17, 2011 at 10:37 pm

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