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UT Summer Transfer Orientation 2011

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About a week or two ago was the University of Texas (at Austin) summer orientation for transfer students. I received an e-mail that I had to attend since that was when they were going to talk about financial aid and that’s when we were going to register for classes. I had mixed feeling about going, but I was excited.

My mother, my sister, her kids, and I left to Austin on Wednesday (the 22nd of July) to make sure I was at UT on time before orientation started. We got to Austin in the evening and really did not feel like doing anything after going on a four hour drive, so we stayed in the hotel for the rest of the night. My sister, her kids, and I went for a swim in the hotel pool while our mother stayed in the room and watched a live broadcast of the LISD board meeting. After all off us showered and washed off all the chlorine, we wanted something to eat. Luckily there was a Chilli’s right next door, so we ordered our food and walked over to pick it up. Since I had orientation at 9:30 in the morning, I ate, brushed my teeth, and headed off to bed.

The next morning I got up extra early to get dressed and have a good breakfast. Since we also had to beat the traffic, we left about an hour earlier just to make sure I was on time and at the right building. My mother dropped me off in front of a random build and I had to find my way to the right one. I called up my friend Noe to see where he was since he was also transferring to UT. Noe was at the front of the line while I was at the very back. Luckily they were going by letters so it cut the lines way done.

After signing in, getting our packets, and our name tags, we were free until noon to roam the campus and finish up our business with any pending college (for lack of a better term) stuff. I called up Noe again and we headed across the campus to get our UT IDs, which took a process of two hours due to everyone heading the same way. After that, we headed to the opening ceremony then to our respected areas. We went our department meetings and meet with our adviser who gave us a packet that we needed to sign and which included our degree audit. After that we were free until 6 PM for our wing meeting. I decided to leave for lunch so I called my mother to pick me up so I could eat and rest since I had 3 hours to kill. So we picked up McDonald’s and went back to the hotel.

Once back at the wing meeting, they showed us how to register for classes and we were free again until the next presentation. They told us that it was optional so I ended up calling my mother again to pick me up since I was just not up for staying another four hours (until 11 PM). Since my family was at the mall, over 20 minutes away, I sat down on a bench outside and drew on my Moleskine until they called me to see where I was at.

We went back to the hotel and my sister, the kids, and I went back to the pool for an hour or so before they kicked us out of the pool because a pipe burst.

After showering, I was too tired to do anything so my family went out to eat while I watched Scrubs on the telly. Luckily they brought me back food (eggs, hash browns, bacon, and pancakes) before I fell asleep.

I didn’t have to go in so early in the morning since everything was optional before noon, but I had to attend a meeting for my mother’s sake about financial aid. I convinced Noe to go so I wouldn’t have to be alone. After that meeting we turned in our transcripts and then went to the student services office so Noe could ask about a scholarship. After that, we had to find our way through a small map and walk across campus to meet with our advisers. Luckily I am very good with maps so I found the shortest route possible.

After meeting with Ann, my adviser, I headed to the first floor to the computer room to wait two hours to finally register on the computer since registration didn’t open until 1 pm. Throughout that time, those of us who got there early planned our schedules and were able to register for our classes 15 minutes before 1 pm. Since we registered early, we were out before 1 pm. I called my mother and she picked me up. Sadly we had to come back to Laredo early because one of my uncle’s from my dad’s side passed away and the funeral was in the evening. We stopped for a quick bit at Luby’s in San Marcos and hauled us back to Laredo.

Even though I really didn’t have  time to do much in Austin this trip, it was somehow surprisingly fun. I am unbelievably excited to attend UT and get my Bachelor’s of Fine Art. Even though all these thing are happening, I still cannot believe that I leaving my hometown and going to an amazing city.

I am excited beyond belief.


Written by Monklin

July 3, 2011 at 10:05 pm

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