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Creative Summer 2011, Day 21: Illustration Friday – Soaked

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So I’m going to have to skip ahead a few entries since I’ve been behind on writing some of these and today is the last day to enter for this week’s Illustration Friday topic. I’m a little upset but do to my own fault. My sister borrowed my acrylic paints and she has not returned them so I wasn’t able to paint it all week long, but I will get to it eventually.

This week’s entry for Illustration Friday was inspired by my family.  As of late, my 16 year old cousin has become more of a brat than ever and sometimes it’s unbearable. I’m always thinking of ways to knock her of her high horse and making her upset because she needs to act more mature. So here’s a scheme I’ve cooked up for the future. From left to right in the drawing is me, my spoiled cousin, and my nephew. And of course, my nephew and I are teamed up and soaking her with water balloons after she has spent so much time getting herself all dolled up for nothing.

Aren’t I a great cousin?

I’ll update this finished product as soon as I get my paints back!


Written by Monklin

May 26, 2011 at 5:50 pm

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