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Creative Summer 2011, day 17: Glasses Shadow Box

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What exactly is a nerd? Throughout history the meaning of the term “nerd” has changed. Normally one would think it is a person who studies hard, gets straight A’s, doesn’t drink or smoke, wears glasses and bowties, plays D&D, and/or reads comic books. But nowadays, you can have a low IQ and yet you can still be a nerd. I often consider myself a nerd due to the fact that everything that I love usually involves science-fiction, Doctor Who, Star Trek, comic books, Batman, David Lynch, or “nerdy” apparel. Sadly, I do not get straight A’s and I must admit, I do not study at all but I do love school. But yes, I do consider myself a nerd, though you can argue against it if you must.

So to bring my nerdiness to a whole new level, I created this:

(Look at that nerdy wallpaper background and nerdy bedsheets underneath.)

I’ve had this shadow box laying around in my closet since I received it more than 2 years ago. I never had a reason to use it until now I stumbled onto all my old pairs of glasses. The top pair is actually my very first pair of glasses that I got in 5th grade (around 2001). The next one I got probably my 7th grade year ( which had attachable sunglasses, very nerdy) and the last one I got in my freshman year of high school (can you tell I was a nervous glasses chewer?). My current pair that I’m using at the moment I’ve probably had since my junior or senior year of high school.. so it’s probably been 3 or 4 years with them.

Soon my current pair will go into the box since I am going to be ordering some new glasses within the next few weeks. I honestly don’t want to part with them, but I might as well do so since it’s cheaper to buy new glasses instead of replacing the lenses. At least I’m also getting prescribed sunglasses since I refuse to wear sunglasses.

Other than that, I helped my momma clean the kitchen and the dining room and we had some ice cream afterwards.

It was a good day.


Written by Monklin

May 23, 2011 at 11:07 pm

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