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Creative Summer 2011, Day 15: Dream Journal Writing

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Often you can find me passed out on my bed if you were to randomly come over to my house and sneak into my room.  Even though I absolutely hate sleeping, I must say that I do love dreaming. I honestly think I dream more than I should but it’s not such a bad thing. Usually I remember my dreams but after a few days they get archived in the back of my mind and they are either forgotten or will just randomly pop out when I’m lost in deep thought. I like to look back at my dreams so I created a dream journal to of course, write my dreams in. I must admit that I often forget to write in it but if I ever remember a dream at random, I will write down as much details about it that I could remember.

For day 15, I decided to concentrate really hard and write down my past dreams. For now, I have several dreams just scribbled onto Word, but I will soon expand on them and enter them in my journal to read again later on.

Dreams are so amazing.


Written by Monklin

May 23, 2011 at 12:14 am

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