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Design 4: Painting Famous Artworks on Trashcans

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Before I begin, here is a warning that this post will be very picture heavy (about 47 photos worth, sorry).

For the fall semester I decided to take an extra elective class called Design 4 after being personally invited to join the class by my drawing and design teacher, Mr. Brown. Usually Design 4 is a class for those who have completed their 4 basic core art classes at the community college and have some extensive knowledge in painting or design. Since design 4 is an elective class, it is not always available. Though this semester, our teacher convinced the dean and the president of our school to let us do our project for the campus. The design 4 class was to recreate famous artworks and design them onto some metal trashcans to put around the campus. Our goal was to help beautify the campus and encourage people to throw their trash into the cans instead of the floor.

Before this class was even thought up of, there were some problems with littering on our campus. They had set these white giant trashcans around the campus for people to use and it didn’t seem to work. Since our teacher is part of a committee that helps improve the campus, he decided to paint them yellow and green so they could stand out. For a while, it had worked. But it was not before long ’til people started throwing their trash on the ground again. Thus, our class was born!

A lot of planning went into our trashcans and took a course of several weeks to finally decided on the paintings we were going to do, which ones we were going to duplicate for the south campus, and who was going to do what. We started off the first month coming up with designs and the first two weeks compiling a list of famous artworks. We started with 34 pieces and narrowed it down to 12 with 6 of them being duplicates. In total we painted 18 trashcans and had two or three extra cans left.

The process for designing and painting the trashcans was fairly simple but very time consuming. We ran into several design problems because of the sizes of the actual artworks because they were either too big in length or too small and square. After we drew our designs at a 1/8th scale from the actual size of the cans, we projected them onto the wall at the actual size of the can, traced our design onto a type of butcher paper, made holes along the outlines with a pounce wheel, tape the pattern to the trashcan, and banged the trashcan with a cloth with loose charcoal wrapped in it to transfer the image onto it.

After all that, we were ready to paint our cans, which was pretty straight forward from that point on. All we had to was to tweak the colors a bit and exaggerate them so they could stand out and catch someone’s attention. But other than that, things went pretty smoothly. Though, it took us a few weeks to finish our first set of cans only because the people who were in charge of sending us the cans only sent us a certain number of cans so we couldn’t start on our second one until we received the ones from our college’s south campus.

Some of these pictures are out of order, but I’ll describe to you what’s happening.

Here we projected the images onto the wall and then traced it on butcher paper.

Then we punched holes into the paper with a pounce wheel.

And of course the next step gets pretty messy and turns you and your clothes black.

We bang charcoal onto the can with the pattern on.

Then this is the ending result once the pattern is removed.

We even made mini trashcans in a 1/8th scale of the actual size to put on display in the library of the college’s south campus.

Here’s Mr. Brown showing us how to do the rings on Emily’s can.

And here’s Emily putting the sticker on her can.

We even came in on a Friday to screen print shirts to wear for the unveiling and to give out to the dean and the president.

And here is our design created by Mr. Brown and Sam.

On the day of our final, we were each interviewed by our school’s television guy about our cans.

I’m afraid to watch this when it finally comes out on television, only because I do not do well in front of a camera and I will look like a mumbling fool.

Oh, well.

Here is the progression of my first can. Sadly, I was not able to get any of my second can only because we were running out of time and we had to get things done fast.

And of course, the final products:

The Great Wave at Kanawaga, by: Hokusai.

Drowning Girl, by: Roy Lichenstein.

So this past Wednesday, we had the unveiling for our trashcans. We all met up at 9 AM to go over the presentation and checked our places before the event started. We didn’t think that many people were going to show up, but luckily there were important people from our college coming out of a meeting so they stopped by to see what was going on. Soon enough we started seeing a few more people pop out and even some of the other art teachers. There were even several local news people at the unveiling so it made us feel even more recognized and made us feel more proud of ourselves.

(You can even see a video clip [here] on our main english news station.)

Here are the art teachers that attended and our department head Mr. Short.

This is a picture of me and the lovely Samantha Proa who is unbelievably AMAZING.

And here is me with my total awkwardness presenting my cans for the photo.

After the unveiling, we all decided to go get lunch together with our teacher and we all met up at a little homey Mayan/Mexican restaurant called Las Kekas. If you ever pass through Laredo, I suggest you stop by and get some cheap but amazing delicious food. (Plus they have the best tres leches cake I have ever tasted.) Since Arianna had a final during the unveiling, she met up with us at the restaurant, so we all got to see each other for the last time.

I am so unbelievably proud of everyone and even myself for the great job that we all did. We started off not knowing what exactly we were doing but we ended with such a bang. We spent countless hours bitching and moaning, but we got things done and even had fun doing so. Since this was my last semester at Laredo Community College, this was the last time I see them and I can honestly say I am going to miss them. Cheesy right?

Here’s to hoping that my future is bright and here’s to hoping that I will meet more amazing and talented artists like them.

But before I go, here are the names of the artworks and students who painted them:

Greek Vases (collage), by: Jasmin Cantu
Can-can Dancers (Toluouse Lautrec), by: Emily De Los Cobos
Calaberas Catrina (Posada), by: Emily De Los Cobos
Starry Night (Van Gogh), by: Juan Castillo
Guernica (Picasso), by: Juan Castillo
Still Life with Baskets (Cezanne), by: Maricela Duffeild
Blue Horses (Franz Marc), by: Felicitas Garcia
The Flower Seller (Diego River), by: Arianna Orduna
The Dance (Matisse), by: Arianna Orduna
Frida Khalo (Tribute), by: Samantha Proa
Poppy (Georgia O’Keeffe), by: Cristell Rodriguez
Drowning Girl (Lichenstein), by: Me
The Great Wave at Kanawaga (Hokusai), by: Me


Written by Monklin

May 13, 2011 at 12:53 am

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  2. Those look amazing!!! I wouldn’t have thought you could transfer the images like that. Well done!


    May 13, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    • Thank you very much! We put a lot of hard work into it and we’re very happy to be getting so many positive reactions so far. 🙂


      May 15, 2011 at 1:46 am

  3. […] famous artworks onto trashcans for our campus (which I am very proud of and that you can see here). The art fraternity I was in also went on a trip to San Antonio to go to the McNay Museum of Art […]

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