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Creative Summer 2011, Day 5: Searching for Gardening Supplies

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For day 5 (05-10), I decided to go on a quest for some gardening supplies. I’ve been searching like crazy to find the gardening tools and I finally found a few that I needed in the storage room in my backyard. Since there are a lot of weeds growing and I hate using pesticides, I decided to go buy some gloves to pull out the weeds instead after going to my niece and nephew’s baseball/tee-ball game. I convinced my mother to meet me at Lowe’s to see if we could find any flowers to plant, but we wound up leaving almost empty-handed. I love my mother, but she’s a little picky at times. But then again, what mothers aren’t? Though I can understand why she is picky, because it is her house after all. Honestly though, I wish we could’ve chosen a nicer flower batch.

Aren’t those the cutest things you’ve ever seen? Since my mother decided on one plant, she let me choose a tiny cactus plant after begging her to buy me one. It took me about 20 minutes to decide which one I wanted and I choose one called “baby toes”.

I named him Pablo Babytoes and he now lives on my windowsill. He is the cutest critter I’ve ever seen. I cannot help but think of Jack Johnson’s song Bubble Toes every time I look at them. Never heard of it? Well, you’re in for a [treat].

Well I was eating lunch at the D. L. G. when this little girl came and she sat next to meI never seen nobody move the way she didWell she did and she does and she’ll do it again. When you move like a jellyfish, rhythm don’t mean nothing, you go with the flow, you don’t stop.

Maybe I should have named him Jack after Jack Johnson.. naaah.

It’s as simple as something that nobody knows that her eyes are as big as her bubbly toes.


Written by Monklin

May 12, 2011 at 3:54 am

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