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Creative Summer 2011, Day 3: Writing Postcards

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For Day 3 (May 8), I decided to write some more postcards for Postcrossing while I was at my aunt’s house waiting for my family to finish playing loteria so I could go home and laze around. Don’t know what Postcrossing is? Then I suggest you should read on!

I’m actually really bad at explain things so you can see their website for yourself [here] or just bear with me and try to understand.

Postcrossing is a website for people who love to send and receive mail. To be more specific, postcards! This project allows you to send a postcard to a random person in the world and receive another from a totally different person. The rule usually goes: if you send a postcard, you will receive at least one back. Now I know it may seem a little risky considering that you don’t know who’s on the internet these days, but I’ve sent out 26 postcards as of now and so far there has been no weirdos following me around.

How does it work Jared?

Well, it works like this:

You sign up and request an address. They will then give you the address of anyone in the world that’s next in line to receive a postcard. As soon as you send in the postcard and they receive it, they will register it with the ID you wrote on the card and that will add your name to the system to be next in line to receive a postcard. You have the option to receive ‘cards from anywhere in the world including your own country, or you could disable that option and only get ‘cards from other countries so you don’t have to worry about creepers stalking you.

It’s pretty simple, but just in case I’m still not being clear, here’s the [link] again to the website for you to check out on your own.


Written by Monklin

May 10, 2011 at 2:33 am

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