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Sketchbook Project 2011 Entry

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So I honestly do not remember how I found out about Art House Co-op, but I’m glad I did. So far I’ve done a few projects and I’m currently working on two more (A Million Little Pictures and the Sketchbook Project 2012).

There were so many good themes to choose from, but I decided on the theme “Sleepless” because it was easier to work with since I rarely sleep well and because I am a nocturnal and insomniatic being. (I think I just made a new word.)

The project was simple. You sign up for a sketchbook and pick any theme that you like (or have a random theme selected for you). You pay a small fee ($25) that covers the cost of the journal, shipping, and helps support the people who created the project.  Each journal has a label on the bottom right corner on the back. This label contains your name, location, your Art House Co-op profile address, and a unique barcode that catalogs your sketchbook. Once you receive your sketchbook you are free to do whatever in it as you please as long as you follow a few set of rules: (1) you cannot cover the barcode label,(2) you can use any medium as long as the book stays within the same dimensions when it’s closed, (3) you are free to rebind as long as it’s durable. Once the sketchbook is returned completed, they will insert a pocket with a small card that says something about you, the artist. The point of the project is create a library out of all the sketchbooks so they will not be returned to anyone and they will not be for sale. They will be part of a permanent sketchbook collection of the Brooklyn Art Library located in New York.

(Those were the rules for 2011’s project, but there have been some changes for next year’s, but I will get to those whenever I post about the next project. I think I pretty much summed up the whole project.)

So here’s photos of my entry:


So, that’s pretty much it for this post.


Written by Monklin

May 7, 2011 at 4:20 am

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