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New Beginnings – Creative Summer 2011: Day 1

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So I finally decided to get a new blog and I also finally decided that I should base it on my art progression and such. It’s still open for discussion, but it’s currently a start. I think the reason I’m doing this is so I won’t kill myself for the next 2 to 3 months while I’m still here in my home town. I will be transferring to the University of Texas (in Austin) this coming fall, but for now I am getting myself ready to leave. I thought about taking up a job this summer but I really doubt that is going to happen. So to make this better, I decided to do something creative everything from now until I move to Austin.

What counts as doing something creative?

Well, for now it will be by making some art, doing crafts, or even simply just writing. The point is that I have to do something everyday. So for today (Day 1), the creative thing I will do is setting up this blog.

Am I making sense? I’m not too sure, but I’ll get use to this within the upcoming days and maybe even explain this whole idea/concept better.

For now, wish me luck!


Written by Monklin

May 7, 2011 at 12:45 am

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