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The Semester is Finally Over

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Wednesday was the last day of my classes for this semester. It went pretty well since all we had to do was turn in our portfolio in intaglio to be graded and collect our trade portfolio in which we made a print for everyone in the class including our teacher and the TA. Last week, we went to my relief teacher’s house to do our final critique and potluck. I ended up making a pi√Īata out of some test prints that I printed on newsprint for one of my 5 variable multiples that we needed to do for our final. We ended up hanging it outside and a few people were able to smack the crap out of it. I think we all had a good time. I wish I could post some pictures of it but I was only able to take some film photos and not digital since my phone was freaking out on me. Luckily my teacher did take some photos so here they are:

Lookin’ like a goofball.

Our relief class along with our teacher Sandra Fernandez and our TA.


I will be heading back home for a week but when I come back to Austin I will take photos of my prints and post them on here later. Bye for now!


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May 11, 2013 at 12:49 am

Two Weeks

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Throughout this Spring semester I’ve been trying to get myself to post onto this blog but surprisingly I’ve spent most of my time at school trying to make tons of prints and such. I stupidly decided that it would be awesome to take four studio classes at the same time (three printmaking and one painting class) and it was the worst idea ever. (Also, I decided to do that again for NEXT semester, hooray!) I have about two more weeks until classes end and I’m racking my brain with projects and trying to catch up on deadlines. Most of my things are due this week and it’s killing me. I’m honestly scared that I’m not going to pass any of my classes but none of my teachers have told me I’m failing or anything.

I actually had a really bad individual critique the other day in intaglio and it really tore me apart. Apparently I don’t have enough work and it didn’t seem like I put too much effort into it. After that critique I went to the 4th floor deck and had a mental breakdown. If only my teacher knew how many hours I spent in the studio outside of class and how much more time I put into intaglio than I do to any of my other classes. I know I’m a lot better in relief but my heart is (or now was) in intaglio.

I’ll be posting some of my work soon from the fall semester and this current semester. Soon I will be starting to put my senior portfolio together. Which by the way, I got a scholarship! All I need to do is send my acceptance letter and I’m hopefully getting $1,200 to use towards said portfolio. And you know what that means? NEW PRINTMAKING TOOLS! ūüėÄ

Hopefully this summer I will be able to get some serious sketches going on for the coming fall semester. I want to have some more serious work and I really love what I’m doing. Printmaking is absolutely wonderful and I hope I can continue with it after I graduate in December (if all goes well).

Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow.

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April 28, 2013 at 10:46 pm

Quick Thoughts on Art and Critiques

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One thing I’ve always loved about my art classes is critique days. Many people dread it but I honestly find it¬†invigorating even though sometimes there are some people who absolutely nothing good to say about your work. Sometimes it is even hard to even hear certain things because they may be true.

My artwork always tends to be personal because I know myself better than anyone, and when someone notices that and actually appreciates it, it really makes me feel good about myself even if some of the subject matter is about something negative. Most of my art teachers tell me that they like that my work is personal and not generic.

I believe that sometimes artwork shouldn’t have a message of some sort but should just appeal to your own self. When I make artwork about my life or even about my thoughts I feel like I’m allowing someone to see things through my own eyes. Sometimes people forget how others can¬†perceive¬†things differently and how different a person’s lifestyle is from their own.

I don’t know.. just some quick thoughts.

Note to self: write about Warped Tour, the Sketchbook Project, David Byrne & St. Vincent, and Motion City Soundtrack.

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November 1, 2012 at 10:40 am

Photos From My Summer Vacation 2012

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Summer went as fast as it came. It was filled with a few terrible things but a lot of great memories. Luckily I was able to go out of town a few times with my family and capture some nice photographs since my goal for this summer was to use my camera more after it had been collecting dust in the closet. I would’ve posted some of these images earlier but I didn’t get around to sending my film to develop just until two weeks ago.

As a fair warning, this post is going to be a bit pic-heavy so don’t forget to click the link below the photo to see the rest of this post!

Gratuitous picture of my demon dog. Don’t let her cuteness fool you. She’s a monster!

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Concert: Tallhart, Fake Problems, Kevin Devine, & Say Anything

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Today I just realized I never posted a blog about the last concerts few concerts that I went to with my friends Jenni and Martin at La Zona Rosa on March 30th to see Tallhart and Say Anything (and Warped Tour that I will post right after this). It’s been several months since we went yet it still feels like it just happened yesterday. I honestly thought I already wrote about it but there seems to be no traces of a draft of the post anywhere. I must of have dreamt of it.. trust me, it’s a common thing for me to do.

A few weeks before the concert, Tallhart had came to Austin with Eisley and performed at the Parish. I really wanted to go but I couldn’t find anyone that wanted to go with me (since I hate going downtown by myself at night) and the only person that was able to go with me had to go out of town that day. I was pretty bummed that I was going to miss Tallhart but then my friend Jenni told me that they were going to play with Say Anything at La Zona Rosa on March 30th. I knew I was going to have a lot of work to do that weekend but I decided to go ahead and go with her and Martin. Honestly, I’m glad I decided to go since I needed a break from racking my brain over finishing some artwork that was due the next few days at that time. We went in my car downtown but since I am the absolute¬†worst¬†parallel parker in the world, Jenni parked my car for me (but that’s beside the point).¬†¬†We took a long time finding a parking since we refused to pay for parking when there was bound to be some free parking somewhere downtown. Luckily we were in an okay spot in the line before entering the venue. We were able to get into the center on the crowd to see the stage.

Tallhart went on first and I was unbelievably happy to see them, and honestly a little bit more than to see Say Anything. Before they started playing, the lead singer Matt came onto the stage first to tune his guitar. Behind us there were a group of guys that were saying a bunch of shit and asking “who the fuck” was this random guy talking to the crowd while tuning up. When he was done the rest of the band came out and Matt blew away their minds with his amazing (and absolutely stunning) voice. They played a few of songs from their first album they released as Marksmen and a few songs from their latest EP. They only played for about 30 minutes but I was still glad that I was able to see them at least once in my lifetime.

After Tallhart finished, Fake Problems was next. None of us had heard of them before so we were trying to guess what kind of band where they and whether or not we were able to “rock out” to them. When the lead singer came out Martin and I were placing our bets on a beach boy kind of sound and in a way they ended up having a certain¬†similarity though I am not sure if they were influenced by them in any way.

I didn’t get a good photo but one of the members pulled out one of their hidden talents and started juggling during one of their songs. He also had an awesome “Bill Nye the Science Guy” kind of style going on.

After them, Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band played next. He seemed to have a non-tradition set up going on on the stage. Not sure as to why, but the drummer was placed on stage left rather than the usual center-stage position. One of the guitarist also had an interesting way of treating his guitar and the techniques he used (such as using a coffee can as a guitar pick). I actually liked their set and was surprised that I had never heard of him/them before that show.

Finally it was Say Anything’s turn. As soon as the band came out, the crowd decided to push forward and all of us got separated. I was pushed more to the center, Martin seemed to stay around the same place, and Jenni got to the very front. Throughout the concert I was pushed around the center area. Towards the end, I ended up in the second row in the middle. Even though I’m not a big of a fan of Say Anything compared to most people, I truly enjoy the energy and the dialog between the band and the crowd.

At the end of the show, I went over to the merch table and bought both of Tallhart’s CDs. I was able to meet Matt (the lead singer) and Reed (the drummer) and talk to them about how excited I was to see them perform. They even seemed surprised that I heard of them when they released their CD through NoiseTrade as Marksmen. I wanted to take a picture with them before I left but sadly my phone died. At least I was able to have them sign one of the CDs for me.

All in all, it was a great show and a great stress reliever for me at the time. The only downside of it all was when one of the crowd surfers came along the area I was standing in and hit me on the back of my neck. I didn’t feel it that night but the following night I ended up having a stiff neck and my body was so sore that whenever I pulled the squeegee in Serigraphy, I would start whining like a baby but it was totally worth it.

Here’s a few videos from the concert:

Next up, a post about Warped Tour!

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August 14, 2012 at 10:57 pm

A Short Retrospective About Last Night’s Dream

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As a kid, I use to wake up crying from a bad dream countless of times. Even to this day, I still find myself waking up in fright or just overemotional. My mother use to say that I would watch television too much. I always disagreed with her because whenever she would tell me this, it was when I would wake up from nightmares and I would never really watch any horror movies or shows. Now I must agree that what we view affects our dreams, but not always because of the television. Last night I had a dream that involved a lot of things that had gone on throughout the past two days that were both significant and¬†insignificant¬†things. I’m not exactly sure as to why I am barely noticing this until now, but I find it very interesting that it made itself apparent last night.

I dreamt that I was in the serigraphy studio at my school late at night doing some work that needed to be done. For some odd reason, my teacher came into the studio around 9 PM and asked me to go across the country to go talk to this man and ask him to help me with a project that I was working on. I had no idea who the man was but I agreed to do so. I left the studio, went home to pack up a few things, and hopped onto a train that took me north. It must have been around 11 PM the same night that I got there. I grabbed a cab to the address my teacher sent me to and arrived at a building that was about eight stories high. As I entered the building, I went up to a woman at the front desk and asked what floor was the graphics design team on. She pointed me to the elevator, told me to go to the seventh floor and then to go up the stairs to the eighth floor to room 817. I thanked the woman and went along my way. When I arrived to the room, the door was halfway open. I peeked inside to see that the light was off and their mac computer was on. I became frustrated by the absence of the person that I was suppose to go see. A woman passed by and told me that the person from there left an hour ago and that she wasn’t sure when he was going to return. I pulled out my sketchbook from my bag and wrote a note saying what time I got there and that I was going back to Austin. I folded it up neatly and left it on their keyboard where they could see it. As I was leaving, I realized that the seventh floor was a type of pub. I decided to get something to drink and sat myself down on a couch near a giant glass window. This woman and her two children came up to me and began to converse with me. Her two children wanted to take a picture with me for some odd reason, so I agreed to a picture and then they were on their way. I pulled my sketchbook out of my bag again, began doodling, and somehow fell asleep. I woke up to someone pulling my sketchbook out of my arms. I slowly woke up to see someone familiar standing before me looking through my sketchbook. I asked him what was he doing with my sketchbook and why was he there. He told me that he was the one who was suppose to help me with my project. At first I didn’t believe him, but after he told me the name of my teacher and what he was suppose to help me with, there was no mistaking that he was in fact the person. He didn’t feel like going to his office so we both took the train back to Austin and went to my apartment around 2:30 AM. Apparently when we got there, one of the apartment workers was inspecting some wiring in our kitchen. He refused to leave after I yelled at him for entering my apartment without my permission. I had to call the apartment owner and he was able to get the man out of there. Suddenly it started raining heavily outside. The man who was suppose to help me and I walked out onto my balcony and reached our hands from under the roof to feel the rain. After that I don’t remember anything else and that was for my dream.

They say that the brain is always collecting information and never forgets any of it even if we don’t see it as important. It just gets place in a filling cabinet deep inside the very back of our minds. They also say that the faces in your dreams are never made up and that they are actually faces of people that you have seen before in your waking life that you may have probably seen passing by on the streets or even seeing them somewhere else like in advertisements or even in photographs. To be honest, I’m not sure how much of this information is true but it seems to make sense to me. If this is true, then we must recollect many things from our waking life in our dreams that helps create a setting and affects what goes on in our dreams. So now this is where I am going to break down the events in dream into what I have seen or even talked about in the past two days.

In real life, I’ve been stuck in the serigraphy studio for the past week trying to get a print done and I have been needing some help from people. The times 9 PM, 11 PM, and 2:30 AM were the times that I have been arriving home the past couple of days. There is a train in Austin that goes from downtown to Pflugerville which is north of Austin. A friend of mine lives there and they are always mentioning the train, but even more so now because the train is now operating on the weekends. Another friend mentioned that she had to take a cab to school because she missed her bus and she was running late. The woman at the front desk in my dream was actually Ceci who works at the community college in my hometown at the front desk of the¬†new art building that was recently built and who I talked about recently with a friend of mine back home. The couch in my dream was the same couch from the fourth floor in the art building at UT. The two children were most probably made up from a conversation from Thursday when a few people and I were discussing wanting children and how I don’t want to get pregnant. In my dream, I felt this awkwardness with the children and there was a feeling in my belly that I could not understand. The wanting to take a picture with me is most likely from how I’ve been waiting for summer to use my camera again. I actually drifted off to sleep during my break between classes and woke up from my sketchbook falling out of my grasp. The man who I was suppose to met with was actually someone who I follow on Twitter. The yelling at the apartment worker scene was actually a “similar” scene from 101¬†Dalmatians in which I watched yesterday evening. The scene was when Jasper and Horace barged into the couple’s apartment when only the made was there while pretending to be from the electric company and trying to steal the puppies. And lastly, the rain was from the last thought I had before falling asleep.

It seems kind of impossible that all the events of my dream had to deal with what had gone on during the past few days, but it was just too good to¬†not be true. I’m not exactly sure how I started to think of this but maybe it was because of the person in my dream that I started to really think about what else that could be from my waking life. This whole “retrospective” had actually started brewing in my mind while I was in the shower this morning getting ready to head out to the studio. I’m surprised that I was actually able to remember all this information until now. Normally once I set one foot out of the shower, all my thoughts just leave as fast as they came. Though this is as far as I have gotten thinking about this whole subject. Since I am currently swamped with a hefty amount of work, I will have to come back to this another time. Hopefully, this will still be fresh in my mind.

What are your thoughts about this?

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April 28, 2012 at 2:42 am

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T-Minus Two Weeks

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There are two more weeks left in this school year for me. Part of me doesn’t want to the semester to end because it will mean that I have about a year left to complete my bachelor’s degree. But the other part of me just wants a big break to see my old friends and family back home and hopefully I will be traveling around in June. My sister has a conference (or something of the sort) in Dallas in June for her job so my family and I will be there for about a week. Hopefully we’ll be able to go see some art museums and the zoo. And if we have time and the universe allows us to, we are also planning on going to the beach.

Today while conversing with my mother, I was able to convince her into giving me her record player if I could get it to work and could replace the needle. Though the only problem with that is that I have to examine the contraption in person to figure out with needle it needs and since I am an impatient child when it comes to something that I want, it will feel like an eternity before I can claim it as my own.

Also, today while conversing with a stranger over instagram, I learned that there is a place where they develop black and white film at a good price here in Austin. Since I don’t have the tools and a dark room to develop my own film, I haven’t been using my lovely SLR camera. But now with this news, I plan on taking tons of photos over the summer.

¬†I have about two months that I’m going to be off from school then I will be back in Austin in July to take an art history class for the second summer session. Here’s to hoping that I will get to do most, if not all, the things I want to do. But before I can even think of those things, I need to survive these next two weeks and get all my projects done by this upcoming weekend. Wish me luck.

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April 22, 2012 at 11:34 pm

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